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So yes my experience with car away is horrendous.. my wife and I bought this vehicle not that long ago everything was great the owner is a nice guy but there is one huge problem in that establishment and that is his wife!!

who treats consumers and customers like trash after you have already signed the contract.. my wife had enough of it she no longer Wanted to go inside to make the payments for our vehicle.. therefore I volunteered ,I told my wife I will go in and make the payments from now on.. sure enough after one or two payments that I went inside to go make a payment here comes the owners wife disrespectful making disrespectful statements ..cussing insulting ppl with fact statements she has no class and very vulgar woman ..

she think she’s better than everybody else and that’s all that matters to her and her mind.. i’ve expressed to the owner the husband my experiences with his wife I stated to him that I no longer wanted to do my business in the presence of his wife that there should be another alternative and how I can make my payment I said I can make the payment online he said no you can put a credit card on file I said absolutely not the reason being is because you guys have brand payments without my permission on my vehicle I never signed a waiver stating that it’s OK for them to process my payment once you give them your credit card they think they found the golden ticket .. if you’re going to send a money order to make a payment on your vehicle I suggest you send it in with certified mail which they have to sign for it !! I also had mechanical issues with the vehicle on day one on the first day of buying the vehicle I had to purchase AAA because my vehicle would not start I have all the documentation is in receipt as well again if I ever have another experience like this again with this lady I will hire an attorney ..

I would highly recommend anyone that is looking into buying a vehicle to stay away from car away they are the true scammers out there and they need to be put out of business .. I heard that they do force repo on their clients and don’t give the clients the 30 day mandate in Florida that you have to make a payment to get your car back they repo your vehicle in the very next day the car sold ..

that’s also against the law, and they overcharge on tags and title transfers over the state fee limitation which is also against the law .. they should get audited right on the spot !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carway Auto Sales Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am having the same issues!! She’s complete ***

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